Cruise Ship Tourists Madeira

We offer all types of Madeira island tours for cruise ship tourists in Madeira, that visit the island for a day.

Madeira Shared Tours & Levada Walks
  • For ships that dock in before 8h00 and depart between 17h00 and 18h00 then you can choose any of our shared tours and walks that we have on offer.
  • We will pick you up from the harbour and then drop you off again at least half an hour before your ship sets off again.

Suggested Full Day Tours & Walks:

West Tour
East Tour
Rabaçal Levada Walk
Queimadas Levada Walk

Our more popular Half Day Tours & Walks:

Center Island Tour
Southeast Coast Tour
Quinta Grande Levada Walk
Referta Levada Walk
Madeira Private Tours
  • For ships that dock after 8h00, we offer Private Tours.
  • The private tours are the hiring of the vehicle with the guide for either half day tours or walks.
  • We also make up custom made packages that are appropriate for people visiting Madeira by cruise ship.
  • We will pick you up from the harbour and then drop you off again at least an hour before your ship sets off again.
Type of vehicles
  • Our Minibus and Jeep tours can comfortably take up to 8 people. If you wish to do a custom tour, you can organise a small group of people to share the expense with you in forums like Madeira Cruise Critic.
  • Private tours are also available by taxi with guides that speak perfect English. These guides will give you an entertaining and informative tour.
  • We also organise tours for larger groups with different size vehicles. For more information on these type of tours please contact us.
  Madeira Jeep Tours Madeira Taxi Tours Madeira Minibus Tours
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