Madeira Atlantic Festival

Madeira Atlantic Fireworks Festival

Madeira Atlantic Festival

Madeira Atlantic Festival is pyromusical show that is held in the beginning of the summer season in Madeira and is one of the most attractive tourist entertainment events held every year.

This show which is a mixture of fireworks and music is held on four consecutive Saturdays, every year in June, at 10:30 p.m. at the pier in front of the Pontinha. These entertaining performances, last about 20 minutes each, and is a unique experience for tourists and residents, that flock down to see them.

The winner of the companies that are invited to compete will be awarded a trophy. The winner is voted by the public through the Internet or boxes located in strategic places in Funchal.

The Madeira Atlantic Festival display is best seen from the sea. From one of our catamarans, you get the best view of the whole synchronized show, that is happening in front and above you.

    • You need to book well in advance as tickets normally get sold out weeks before the event.
    • Book your places now on board of one of the three catamarans, like the “Sea Nature”, “Sea the Best” and “Sea Pleasure”.
    • The price is € 30 per person.
    • There is a bar and toilets on board.
    • The boats will leave at 21h00 for a short trip out to sea and gets back at 23h00 after the show.
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Book now by using the link below or above and we will send you an invoice with payment instructions.

Another great fireworks display can be seen is on New Years Eve – Madeira New Years Eve Fireworks
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