Madeira Atlantic Festival

Madeira Atlantic Fireworks Festival

Madeira New Years Eve

This years contract for the new years eve fireworks display has been awarded to Macedos Pirotecnia. In 2007 Macedos helped to get Madeira in the Guinness Book of Records for the largest firework display in the world. This years theme is called “Fortunate Islands”, inspired from an element of fauna and flora of Madeira. The aim is to draw attention to the Laurissilva and the importance of preserving the heritage of biological diversity on the island. Estimated cost is just over 1 million Euros for an eight to ten minute show.

The best spot to watch this magical pyrotechnical show, is from the sea. You get a clear perspective of the whole synchronised show, that is happening in front and above you. Madeira Seekers in conjunction with Madeira Catamaran is offering places onboard the two catamarans, “Sea the Best” and “Sea Pleasure”. The price is € 100 per person and includes snacks and champagne. There is also a bar and toilets onboard. The boats will leave at 22h30 for a short trip out to sea and get back at 01h00 after the show. For this booking payment will have to made online. Use the link below or above to make your booking and we will send you an invoice with payment instructions..

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