Madeira Big Game Fishing

Madeira Big Game Fishing

Madeira big game fishing is the ultimate experience for any fisherman. There are various reasons why fishing in Madeira has become so popular. Have you ever wanted to try out deep sea monster fishing? Madeira big game fishing offers you a good chance of being able to catch your monster fish. The pleasant climatic conditions in which to fish in, together with the calm blue waters in which the creatures lurk in, sets the ideal mood for the hunt.

The most sought after fish is the massive Atlantic Blue Marlin, whose average weight is around 700lbs. These fish live in warm waters relatively close to the surface and once landed they will put up a fight you won’t easily forget. If you manage to bring it in, that will be the most satisfying fishing experience, that will stay with you, for life.

Game Fishing

Madeira Sport Fishing

Weather you’re an experienced big game fisherman, out to catch that “world record” or a novice, fishing for the thrill of it, then Madeira is the place to come, for sport fishing. The chances of a angler, landing a real “grander” are really high. A “grander” is a fish that tips the scales over 1000lbs.

Apart of the king of bill fish, the Giant Blue Marlin, a worthwhile sport is presented by the Blue Fin Tuna which have reached the scales of 800lbs as well as the Big Eye Tuna which normally weigh in around 250lbs.


Sport Fishing

Madeira Fishing

Madeira Deep Sea Fishing

Most people expect Deep Sea Fishing to be far offshore, but in Madeira’s case, the opposite applies. Because of its very deep waters hook ups are quite common just outside the harbor and all along the coast line quite close inshore.

We operate on a tag and release, no kill policy, on all Madeira Big Game Fish. However, in the event of a potential world record being caught we will comply with the
anglers request to kill the fish for record submission purposes.

Sea Fishing

Madeira Big Game Fishing

Blue Marlin – May to October

White Marlin – May to October

Swordfish – March to September

Blue Fin Tuna – October to November

Yellow Fin Tuna – October to December

Big Eye Tuna – March to June

Wahoo – June to January

Dorado – June to September

Albacore – November to February

Baracuda – April to October

Bonito – April to October

Hammerhead – September to December

Blue Shark – September to December


Big Game Fishing

Big Fishing

Madeira Fishing Boats

As you would expect from any professional operation our boats are fully equipped with electronics and safety gear. Also in terms of tackle we do not accept any compromises – only the best.
Rods are top of the range models from Shimano and Penn. Reels include Shimano Tiagras, Beastmasters and TLDs. We carry a large range of lures from various manufactures including Moldcraft, Sadu, Bart Miller, Williamson, Melton, Tinker, Marlin Magic and Black Bart. All hooks, lines, swivels and other tackle components we use are of the highest quality.

Fishing Boats


  • For your own safety we may change, cancel or postpone a trip due to adverse weather conditions.
  • The boat takes 8 people with a minimum of 4 fishing. Anyone fishing may also take family or friends with to observe.
  • The boat is also available for charter bookings.
  • There are bar and toilet facilities onboard.
  • Full day trips include a buffet lunch and drinks in the price.
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