Madeira Island Tours

When visiting the beautiful island of Madeira, you have to go on at least one excursion, to really appreciate the rich natural heritage, this island has to offer. There are about five different Madeira tours you can do that covers the whole island. Most people visiting the island for a week, do 2 full day tours and one half day.

Most of our Madeira island tours are done in an air-conditioned, 9 seater, mini bus. The advantage of the mini bus is that you don’t waste all that time picking people up and then dropping them all off again. There is a lot less confusion climbing on and off the bus at your various sightseeing points. Also the tour is more personalised with a lot more of interaction between the guides and the tourists. Having said that we do offer tours in bigger minibuses and coaches for medium to big organised groups.

Our Madeira tours are done by professional, experienced guides that give you an entertaining and informative commentary, done in the language of your choice! We offer the biggest variety of packages and tours on the island. Have a look at the breakdown on prices for more detailed information.

Full Day Tours

    • West Tour

    • West Tour Porto Moniz
    • The West tour also known as the Porto Moniz tour, is the most popular tour we have. You get to see fishing villages, the plateau, breathtaking cliff views and the volcanic rock pools in Porto Moniz.
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  • East Tour

  • East Tour Santana
  • The enchanting East tour also known as the Santana tour is also a big favorite among tourists. Here you will see the high mountain peaks, Laurissilva forest, the Santana typical houses and Machico.
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    • Southwest Tour + Caves

    • Southwest Tour Ponta do Pargo
    • The Southwest tour includes a visit at the Sao Vicente caves. Mostly comprises of fishing villages with great sea views and mountainous cliffs. Some overlapping with the west tour does occur.
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  • East + Nuns Valley View

  • This East tour starts with a visit at the Eira do Serrado. Here you will get the best view of the famous Nuns Valley. This viewpoint is the most famous on the island and not to be missed.
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    • Rose Gardens Tour

    • Rose Gardens Tour
    • During spring time and the start of summer this is a must tour for all garden lovers. The Rose Gardens is the main stop but you get to see a lot of the northeastern part of the island as well.
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  • Theme Park Tour

  • Theme Park Tour Santana
  • The Theme Park Tour is only available in the summer and is a great place to spend the day, especially with children. The Theme Park is  in Santana itself so you get to see part of the east tour on your way there.
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Half Day Tours

  • Nuns Valley Tour

  • Nuns Valley Tour Eira do Serrado
  • The Nuns Valley or Curral das Freiras tour is the most famous half day tour we have. Great mountain and forest views views is complemented with a visit at Eira do Serrado and the Nuns Valley itself.
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  • Southeast Tour

  • Southwest Tour Canical
  • The Southeast tour or the Canical tour is another great half day tour that visits all the villages along the southeast with a considerable stop in Machico and the flea market in Santo da Serra.
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