Rabacal and the 25 Fountains

Rabacal levada walk is in the bewitching valley of Rabaçal and is one of Madeira’s most popular levada walks. We walk along stretches of 3 Levadas, each with its own character, but all of them with a large number of waterfalls. Here at the head of Madeira’s greatest valley, the houses of Rabaçal seem tiny beneath the enormous emerald-green mountains. For nature lovers it is simply a unique and awe-inspiring paradise. Rabaçal also know as the 25 fountain walk, is an enchanted fairyland of cascading waterfalls, singing fountains and small lakes. A really great Madeira walk and definitely one of the most popular ones. rabacal walk mapRabacal and the 25 fountains

Days: Thursday & Saturday
Distance: 11 km
Duration: 4 hours
Grade: 2 Moderate
Warning: Tunnels & Slight Vertigo

Advisable to bring the following with:


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