Madeira Nightlife

Madeira Folklore Evening

At a mountainside tavern halfway between Funchal and Monte is a really fun filled, folklore evening that does attract a lot of tourists, but with good reason.

The menu is terribly simple – chicken or beef espetadas (skewered kebabs) cooked in an open wood-burning oven, that consists of mouthwatering cubes of beef or chicken seasoned with garlic and bay leaves served at tables on four foot skewers. This typical meal is served with freshly baked oven bread, potatoes, mixed salad and fried meal. Together with an unlimited supply of wine , beer or softdrinks, makes for a refreshingly carnivorous break from all the seafood you will find on the island.

Also, the atmosphere is exceedingly convivial, as one sits on long rows of tables while being entertained with folklore dances and Fado singers. After the meal, the performers will get off the stage and invite people to join in the dancing and festivities.A really memorable night out that is highly recommended! A real must in Madeira nightlife and entertainment.


Madeira Nightclubs

Ofcourse Madeira nightlife has to have entertainment for the young and young at heart. One of the oldest and most popular night clubs in Funchal is Vespas.Renowned for it’s young fun crowd and all night parties, Vespas is now divided into two parts offering music for both the young and the not so young! Things here don’t get cranking til at least 1am, and the partying lasts til 8am, when the sun comes out! Located in the dock area, Vespas is an old warehouse transformed to an awesome club.

Another popular club is Copacabana. Found inside the casino, gives one a chance to first go and try their luck on the slots before making their way down to the fun and festivities. A lot of the music is latino and brazilian sounds! Nice classy club!

The Café Teatro is another must in the nightclub scene of Funchal. It’s an open space with a very nice decoration. During the day this is a very popular coffee shop. On the weekend evenings this place is clerverly transformed into a posh nightclub where all the yuppies go to show off , their latest fashion.

If you’re into latin rythms, then a great place to go to is Gloria Latina. You can dance or you can comfortably be seated in one of the two terraces listening to the music. They also have a resident band that plays during the weekend. This place is very popular with the tourists as its really both a bar and a club.

Other popular clubs in Funchal are: Marginal, Jam, Cameleon, Farol, Formular 1, CCC, Qashbah and O Mexicano.

Nightlife dance

Madeira Bars & Pubs

One thing is for sure, no one can go thirsty in Funchal or Madeira in general. There are hundreds of bars and pubs that cater for the local community as well as for any tourist. There is also traditional English and Irish pubs where one can go and enjoy a pint and watch the latest football match or other major sporting events, live. Chances are you will find your favoured brew here, as most English and Irish pubs sell imported as well as local beers.

The Island also has its own brewery that makes an international award winning beer,Coral. This Madeira beer is a must for anyone that loves his beer. Apart from all soughts of cocktail drinks that you can find on the island, there is a drink that is very popular with both the the locals and the tourists. That being the Poncha, made by local firewater, orange or lemon juice, honey and sugar.

Some of the most popular bars & pubs that can be found in Funchal are: Number 2, White House, Beer House, Prince Albert, O’ Brians, Joe’s Bar, Café do Teatro, Café do Museu, FX Bar, Marginal, O Mexicano.

Madeira Bars

Madeira Live Entertainment

Madeira nightlife also has live entertainment. Down at the local Casino in Funchal, one can enjoy a wonderful dinner, after which Miguel Pires and the band kicks off the evening with some memory provoking renditions of your favorite songs from the 50’s and 90’s returning you elated to the 21st century. Also Sian Lesley and her dancers will give you a Cabaret show to equal all. This international Show features all the color and glamour of Cabaret closing with an explosive performance of the Can-Can.

Ofcourse the only Casino on the island offers you a chance to try your luck on their slot machines between 5pm and 3am. If you would like to play the tables instead, you will require to present your passport and the minimum age is 21 years old.

Most four and five star hotels also offer live entertainment with dancing and kareoke events right throughout the week.

Madeira entertainment
Madeira casino

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