Madeira Weather

What is the main reason Madeira is such a popular destination? Madeira Weather of course! Live weather can be viewed all around the island through our Madeira webcams.

Madeira weather along the coastal areas is temperate and mild with hardly any extreme changes. On the other side of the scale, it is wise to take warm clothes when visiting the mountains. The humidity is higher in the summer as is the rainfall in the winter. Average temperatures range from 18C in Winter to 25C in Summer, with sea temperatures being virtually the same due to a warm gulf stream that surrounds the island all year round. This makes Madeira the ideal getaway right throughout the year! For Madeira Weather Forecast for the next five days and also an annual avarage weather pattern, have a look at our charts below.

Weather in Funchal
Typical annual Madeira weather pattern in Funchal

Month Ave High Ave Low Sun hours Rain Days Water Temp.
January 18.5C – 65F 13.0C – 56F 5 7 18C – 64F
February 18.5C – 65F 13.0C – 55F 6 6 17C – 63F
March 19.0C – 66F 13.5C – 56F 6 7 17C – 63F
April 19.5C – 67F 14.0C – 57F 7 4 17C – 63F
May 20.5C – 69F 15.5C – 60F 7 2 18C – 64F
June 22.0C – 72F 17.5C – 64F 7 1 20C – 68F
July 23.5C – 74F 19.0C – 66F 8 0 21C – 70F
August 24.5C – 76F 19.5C – 67F 8 1 22C – 72F
September 25.0C – 76F 19.5C – 66F 8 2 23C – 73F
October 24.0C – 74F 18.0C – 65F 7 7 22C – 72F
November 21.5C – 71F 16.0C – 61F 5 7 20C – 68F
December 19.5C – 76F 14.0C – 57F 5 7 19C – 66F

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